Hello climber!!



We have a big news today!!



It is for climber

・plan to entry competition

・belongs to national team

・is fickle

and anyone who wants to more more climb @NBP!!










キーワードは 「1週間」

Key word is “1 WEEK”



本日よりNBPから”1 WEEK PASS “が登場

We have made 1 week pass.
It go on sale today.



You can use PUMP and B-PUMP for 1 week when you get.



Climber who come NBP during vacation



Climber who want to train for competition



National team that want to train in Japan

(Because NBP is the best gym of  train of bouldering!!)

approved by many professional climber


We highly  recommend it  to everyone who want to climb short intensive



and climber who is wondering about becoming month, year and half year member.



Please choice which you want!


1WEEK PASS 一般(adult)¥6,500(税別) 学生(student)¥5,200(税別)

→ 現在登録済みのPUMP B-PUMPが1週間通い放題(登録のない店舗を利用する場合は別途登録料が必要となります)

The pack includes;

1week pass for 1 PUMP climbing gyms…

You can use 1 PUMP gyms you register free for 7days from the date of purchase.

In case you woud visit other PUMP gyms you don’t register until then, you have to pay registration fee at each PUMP gyms.


This pack suits for customers who would have used “1week pass” until then, or who would visit only registered PUMP gyms,

or who would visit 1 or 2 non-registered PUMP gyms (registration fee would be about \2,000) while short stay in Japan.


1WEEK PASS PLUS 一般(adult)¥9000(税別) 学生(student)0¥8200(税別)

→ 全てのPUMP B-PUMPが1週間通い放題

The pack includes;

  1. 1week pass for all PUMP climbing gymYou can use all PUMP gyms (B-pump Ogikubo, B-pump TOKYO, B-pump Yokohama, PUMP1, PUMP2, PUMP Osaka, PUMP Climber’s Academy Shinjuku) free for 7days from the date of purchase.
  2. Registration fee for all PUMP climbing gyms…
    This pack includes the registration fee of all PUMP gyms (worth \8,000). You can complete all registration processes at once.



1 WEEK PASS PLUSは全店の登録料込みだからそれだけでも充分なお得感